Social Networks

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Lulu App

Social networks are starting to break down by gender. Lulu is an app designed for girls, but we’re not sure it’s a healthy one.


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The Pheed App

The Pheed app is an incredibly useful tool, letting you check in on all of your social networks in one place.


(The outgoing "Facebook Gifts" feature allowed users to send actual products via the social networking web site.  Image from

Facebook Phasing Out Actual Gift Items In Favor of Gift Cards

Facebook is still keeping “Gifts,” but it’s just switching over to gift cards and digital codes instead of items such as flowers, stuffed animals, and cupcakes.


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Many Social Networkers Admit To Using Smart Phones In The Bathroom

A new report says time spent on social networks increased 37-percent over the last year and more people are spending that time in a very private place.


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The Law And LinkedIn

If your employer owns your work-related rolodex, who owns your LinkedIn contact list? You may be surprised by the answer.


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Just Like Everybody Else, Tattoo Aficionados Find Affinity Online

For some businesses, social media just fits.


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If your so-called friends on other social networks are out of control, Path lets you whittle it down.


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Greplin is like google for social networks and e-mail. Use it to search for information across various streams, from LinkedIn to GMail.


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Using the power of social networks, a site like gripe can generate real momentum in making change and putting power in the hands of the consumer.