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Report Says Facebook Meeting With News Companies About Hosting Their Content On The Social Network

Facebook is trying to partner with media outlets to place their pages inside the social network’s app but is it a win/win for both sides?


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Philadelphia Based Social Network ‘Spotlights’ Cash Giveaways

Spotlight is an open social network — meaning you can see everyone’s posts, not just friends– but you’re only allowed to post five times a day and you can post anonymously.


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Jelly App

Jelly proposes making better use of your social network by letting you ask questions and having your extended network of friends help you determine the answer.


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Facebook Enables New Security Feature That Lets Friends Help With Password Recovery

Facebook enabled a new security feature called “Trusted Contacts” as an optional way for people to recover their passwords with the help of their closest friends.


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Social Network Testing New Way To Make Ads More Personal

Facebook is looking at using details to place targeted ads for other companies – not on its smartphone apps, but on others, and on mobile web.



Social Network Helps College Coaches Find Players

College baseball coaches have looked nearly everywhere for players. Now, they can try somewhere else — cyberspace.