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Spacing Out After Not Sleeping Enough? New Study Explains WhyAccording to the study, the damage to brain cells will likely cause temporary mental lapses and even affect a person's vision.
How To Stay Healthy When TravelingHere are some practical tips to help prevent you from getting sick while traveling.
Sleep-Related Health IssuesThe average American gets 6.9 hours of sleep each night. Experts in the field of sleep recommend seven to nine.
Smart Alarm Clock AppThe Smart Alarm Clock studies your sleep phases, determining exactly when your body is most rested and ready to wake up.
Allergy Sufferers May Be Losing SleepAllergy season is here and for those of you who suffer from allergies, you probably think you know all of the symptoms. Well you might be missing one.
Later School Start Helps TeensSleep is critical to brain development, memory function, and cognitive skills and discussions have been held for years about sleep-deprived teens and the effect it has on their schooling.
Late Starts For SchoolsBrookings Institution economists have shown that early start times for high schoolers - which often means sleep deprivation - have reduced academic performance and earning potential.
Adjust Kids' Sleep Habits For SchoolOne of the biggest battles as the school year begins is making sure children get enough sleep.
Air Traffic Controllers Bring To Light Problem Of Sleep Deprivation In AmericaIf you want to stay sharp, you need your eight hours of sleep, right? But many people say eight hours is a luxury they can't afford.
Napping Helps ProductivityGerman studies have shown that if you just nap for six minutes during the day, it will not only make you feel better, but it could improve your ability to learn and remember.

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