Sick Days


Forcing Sick Employees To Stay Home

Can a company force a sick employee to stay home?


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New Survey Lists Outrageous Reasons Employees Use When Calling Out Sick

Playing hooky today? What’s your excuse? A new survey out lists some your boss might not want to hear.


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When Companies Must Pay For Sick Time

Is your company legally obligated to give you time off for medical treatment?


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Forcing Sick Employees To Go Home

Can your employer force you to go home if you’re sick?


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Paid Sick Leave For Private Sector Workers Is On City Council’s Agenda Before Summer Recess

Legislation that would require Philadelphia companies, large and small, to provide paid sick days is back on the radar screen, and could be voted on, before City Council goes on its summer break. But it’s likely to be amended.



City Council Considers Forcing Employers To Offer Earned Sick Days

Advocates for the bill say it would cut health care costs. Opponents call it burdensome.