Doctors Warn About Dangers Of Shoveling SnowDoctors say the snow might look pretty and puffy, but once it starts piling up, getting it shoveled can be a challenge.
Doctors: Listen To Your Body When Digging Out Of Snow MessThe heavy snow presents many challenges for residents of the region, and shoveling is a big one. Health officials say make sure to listen to your body when digging out of the mess.
Major Storms Often Lead To Health IssuesThe heavy snow presents many challenges for residents of the region, and shoveling is a big one.
A Snow Shovel With Spring BenefitsWhy am I telling you about a snow shovel in a garden report?
Police Reveal Findings Of Investigation After Snow Shovelers Stopped, Questioned In Lower MerionPolice say to date no one has ever been issued a citation for snow shoveling in Lower Merion. Officials are now going to take another look at that ordinance to see if it needs to be made more specific.
Snow Triggers Warning About Health Dangers Of ShovelingThe stress and strain of shoveling snow can cause all sorts of problems.
Local Doctor: Shoveling Snow In Cold Weather Could Be Bad For The HeartThose out there shoveling snow this winter should do so with caution.
Not Shoveling Could Mean More Than A Fine For HomeownersIf you violate the city's snow-removal rule, you could get fined $50 by the city. But that could be the least of your worries.
With Storm In A Lull, Chester County Residents Encouraged To Shovel Out Hydrants And Storm Drains
Residents In Bucks County Dig Out & Try To Stay Safe In The Bitter Cold The roads in Bucks County are doing okay Wednesday evening. Main roads like 611 have been moving along fine, and even thought side streets are still snowy, they are certainly manageable.
A Sniff of Summer Under The SnowWhile shoveling snow, I struck some aromatic leftovers of a <em>Monarda</em> plant and it was a sweet reminder of Summer.

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