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Lower Merion Police Accused Of Racial Profiling After Stopping And Questioning Snow Shovelers

On Wednesday evening, Police Superintendent Mike McGrath stepped before cameras, saying that the stopping of the two snow shovelers yesterday and two others in the same neighborhood had nothing to do with racial profiling.


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Southwest Non-Profit Seeks Volunteers To Help Shovel Snow For Seniors, Disabled As Next Winter Storm Approaches

This winter is taking a toll on the group’s small, but mighty stable of volunteers.


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Hardware Store Keeps Up With Demand For Shovels, Snow Blowers

Trying to find a snow shovel or a snow blower right now is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but there is one Northeast Philadelphia hardware store that has both those items and more in stock. How do they do that?


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Delaware County Proposes Fine On Residents Who “Save” Parking Spaces

Officials in Darby Township, Delaware County, are proposing a new ordinance that could fine residents as much as $300 if they use chairs and other items to “save” parking spaces they shoveled out near their residences.