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Film Puts Spotlight On Sheetz Vs. Wawa DebateThe documentary focuses on the debate between the state's convenience store staples, Sheetz and Wawa.
Sheetz Testing Blue Lights In Bathrooms To Deter Drug Use By Making It Difficult For People To See Their VeinsThe Sheetz gas station chain has installed the lights at its New Kensington location as a pilot project.
Police: Dead Man Found In Tractor-Trailer Parked At Cambria County SheetzPolice say they found a dead man in a parked tractor-trailer at Sheetz late Tuesday morning, according to John Luciew's report.
Shocker: Another Convenience Store Beat Out Wawa For America's Favorite It’s no secret that Philadelphians -- and South Jerseyans -- have a cult-like fervor for Wawa, but sadly, it’s NOT the country’s favorite convenience store.
Stigall Show Log 2.11.13Chris shares the breaking news of Pope Benedict's resignation, reviews last night's Grammy Awards, and breaks down the rebuttle report issued by the Paterno Family. He talks to Steve Goreham from the Climate Science Coalition of America, Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchup, and Deborah Norville from Inside Edition.

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