News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | October 2Chris discussed the changing path of Hurricane Joaquin, the mass shooting yesterday in Oregon, and a girl who recorded a bear eating her kayak. He talked with Chris Butler on Finance Friday about tax structures at 7:00, Phillies Announcer Scott Franzke about the end of a disappointing season at 7:20, and CSN Philly's Ray Didinger to preview the Eagles game against Washington at 8:00.
Report: More Deaths Caused By Selfies Than Sharks In 2015According to Mashable, more deaths have occurred as a result of taking a selfie than from being attacked by a shark this year.
3 On Your Side: Job Seekers Turning To Social Media To Get Noticed By Employers3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan finds, job seekers are now connecting with potential employers in a variety of innovative ways.
Stigall Show Log 4.8.15
Understanding Photography Basics AppLearn about everything from ISO to exposure compensation in a clear and concise language anyone can understand.
Dubsmash AppThe Dubsmash app lets you record a video of yourself synced to a well-known sound clip - like from a film.
NTSB Links Selfies To Deadly Plane Crash Near DenverSelfies were a likely factor in a small plane crash near Denver last year that killed the pilot and his only passenger, according to a new National Transportation Safety Board report.
Protecting Unauthorized Posting Of Nude PhotosTurns out that 13% of adults have had private content shared without their consent. So how do you protect your nude photos from being shared?
Are Your Vacation 'Gloaties' Annoying Your Social Media Followers?That’s what a software company is calling “boastful vacation photos” posted to social media.
Who Owns A Group 'Selfie'?Does whomever pushes the button own the selfie?
Cash In On Your Selfies! 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan shows us how some people are cashing in on their selfies!
Social Media Today: Selfie Senator, Google+ Ends "Real Names," New AppKYW Newsradio social media editor Melony Roy reports daily on what's trending around the region and the world.