Sallie Mae

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Blog: New Sallie Mae Student Loan Repayment Plan

By Jim Donovan: Sallie Mae has announced that its introducing a transitional loan repayment plan so that graduates will have more budget flexibility while job hunting. The Graduated Repayment Period will allow new college graduates […]


(A student's belongings are piled up for move-in day at Temple University.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Part 1: Back-to-School Scrimping

While the economy continues to sag, tuition costs continue to skyrocket, so an increasing number of students and parents are implementing cost-cutting strategies in order to keep up.


(The DiCicco family: son Nick, daughter Michelle, mom Jill, and dad Lou.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Part 2: Living at Home, Commuting to School

The debt burden is causing many young college graduates, and even students, to return to the nest.


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Part 3: Picking A Budget School

“More and more students are taking on more and more debt, leaving themselves very vulnerable, especially today when we know unemployment is still a problem for young people,” says one expert.


(Laura and Tom LaFronz, seen here on the University of Pennsylvania campus, expect it will cost $700,000 to put their three kids through college.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Part 4: In All Quarters, Facing The Harsh Truth

The college cost crunch is cutting across all economic lines.



BLOG: Sallie Mae Deferred Payment Returns

By Jim Donovan: Sallie Mae is bringing back an option that lets students wait until after graduation to start repaying loans. The private student lender, formally known as SLM Corp., had done away with its […]