School Maintenance Workers Demand Safety Improvements After Worker Burned In Boiler ExplosionAbout 60 union members carried signs that read, "Philly schools are danger zones" and "Protect children, protect workers."
Angie's List: Fireplace SafetyIn this week's Angie's List report, Jim Donovan takes a look at some things you should know to keep your family protected.
How To Buy A Hoverboard And Make Sure It's SafeIt's been a roller coaster of a holiday season for hoverboards. One day, they're the most sought-after gift; the next, they're a dangerous fire hazard.
Roofing Contractor Admits To Lying To Authorities About Safety Measures Following Worker's DeathInvestigators say 60-year-old James McCullagh failed to provide fall-protection equipment, including safety harnesses, to his employees.
Phila. Police Commissioner: Tracking Terrorists Is Becoming Harder Than EverPhiladelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is speaking out on the Paris terror attacks and keeping the city safe.
Insurance Institute For Highway Safety Names 20 New Booster Seats 'Best Bets'"In this year’s booster rating, there aren’t any seats we wouldn’t recommend,” said Jessica Jermakian of the IIHS.
Health: Look for Teal Pumpkins for Allergy-Free Halloween TreatsHalloween can be seriously dangerous for the millions of children who have allergies. Many of them can't have Halloween candy. The Teal Pumpkin Project is making sure they don't get left out of the fun.
Summer Boating Safety Guide
Experts Discuss Exercise SafetyThe death of Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg’s CEO Husband David Goldberg has prompted a conversation over treadmill safety.
City Council To Discuss Bill Requiring Food Truck Safety InspectionsA Council committee is scheduled to talk Monday about a bill requiring regular safety inspections of food trucks’ fuel tanks.
Cold Weather Survival GuideHere's a guide to staying safe - and warm - during extremely cold and wintry weather.
Guide To Safety On The SlopesA pair of recent Pennsylvania chairlift accidents has focused attention on skiing and snowboarding safety. And while there are risks, following the rules and staying alert can minimize those risks.

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