Roosevelt Middle School

Parents protest the School Reform Commission's plan to close 29 Philadelphia public schools. (Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Parents’ Protest Disrupts SRC Meeting On School Closures

Superintendent William Hite said the district can’t afford to maintain underutilized schools. “The district’s financial challenges jeopardize its survival.”


(David Johnson, with family members, after he was rescued from a locked school building last night.  Credit: CBS3)

Mother of Teen Locked Inside a Philadelphia School For 9 Hours Files Complaint

David Johson spent nine harrowing hours, alone and frightened, in a stairwell at Roosevelt Middle School.


David Fields, in red, was found locked in a stairwell nine hours after school dismissed.

Boy Found After Being Locked In School Stairwell For 9 Hours

David Fields, 13, didn’t come home from school Thursday afternoon. After 9 hours of searching, he was found locked in a stairwell at Roosevelt Middle School in Philadelphia.



Pennsylvania Looking Into Possible Cheating On State Standardized Tests

Pennsylvania education officials are looking into a report that has surfaced indicating possible cheating on state standardized tests.



Pa. Lawmaker Demanding Response On Philadelphia School Cheating Allegations

Word of a cheating scandal in Atlanta schools got Pennsylvania state rep Michael McGeehan thinking: what ever happened to a similar case in Philadelphia?