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South Philadelphia Residents Distraught Over Winter Road Conditions

If you think you’re weary of snow, try living on the 100 blocks of either Sigel or McClellan Streets in South Philadelphia.


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How Does Your Vehicle Handle In Snow?

It doesn’t take much snow or ice to throw a major wrench into your commute. It helps to know how your car or truck handles in messy weather before you hit the road.



PennDOT would like all drivers who spot roads that need to be maintained to contact 1-800-Fix-Road. Visit for more information.


South Street Bridge

The Future Of Pennsylvania’s Transportation Fund Is Up In The Air

There’s a huge gap in Pennsylvania’s plan to fund roads, bridges and mass transit and there’s a good chance that gap will go unfilled next year.


Transportation Funding Bill This Fall A Longshot

Governor Rendell continues to push hard for action on transportation funding before he leaves office in January, but it increasingly appears to be a lost cause.




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