Rina Cutler

(A bike lane on North 13th Street, near Market.  Photo by Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia’s Bike Lane Expansion Pauses For Penndot Street Work

The City of Philadelphia plans a six-month test of dedicated bike lanes on southbound 10th Street and on northbound 13th Street, between South Street and Spring Garden.



Philadelphia Police Poised To Crack Down On Bicycle Traffic

Philadelphia officials next month plan to use more “stick” in a program that takes a carrot-and-stick approach to bad behavior by people in cars, on bicycles, and on foot.


(credit: KYW's Dennis Edward)

Mayor Nutter Raising Parking Meter Rates To Help School Budget

Part of the school district bailout that the mayor plans is an increase in the cost of parking on the street in Center City and University City. Rates will go up by 50-cents.



Philadelphia Adding Bike Lanes To 10th And 13th Streets In Center City

Bicyclists may be rejoicing, motorists perhaps not, now that the Nutter Administration plans to add two more bicycle-only lanes in Center City.


(City officials launch the "Give-Respect-Get Respect" campaign in Center City on Friday. Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia Says ‘Give Respect – Get Respect’ To Center City Pedestrians

On Friday, the Nutter administration launched their “Give Respect – Get Resepct” campaign in an effort to bring civility and traffic safety in Philadelphia.


File photo of the bike lane on Spruce Street (by KYW's John McDevitt)

Philadelphia Officials Consider Bike Lanes For North-South Streets

More than a year after the city created bike-only lanes on Pine and Spruce Streets, officials are looking at the same thing for some north-south streets.


(Artist's rendering of the new South Street Bridge.  Rendering provided by City of Phila.)

South Street Bridge Reopens Saturday After 2-Year Rebuild

“(The previous) bridge was actually a poster child for government failure,” said deputy mayor Rina Cutler.


Sizzling Topic at Philadelphia City Hall: Snow Removal.

Here in the dog days of August, what topped the agenda of the Nutter administration today was… snow.