Richard DeCoatsworth

(Former police officer Richard Decoatsworth gets a hug and kiss from his mother, Evelyn Decoatsworth Myers, following his release on bail.  Photo by Tony Hanson)

Charges Dropped Against Philadelphia Cop Once Acclaimed, Later Vilified

Officer Richard DeCoatsworth had been charged with a long list of crimes including prostitution and human trafficking. Earlier, he was acknowledged by the Obama administration as a hero for his work as a cop.


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Former Philadelphia Police Officer Withdraws Guilty Plea In Court

Richard DeCoatsworth was once hailed a hero cop after being shot in the face during a traffic stop and still managing to chase down his attacker. Now, several years later he is on the other side of the law.


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Exalted Then Disgraced Former Philly Cop Reconsiders Guilty Plea

A former decorated Philadelphia police officer caught up in trouble wants to withdraw a guilty plea that would have resulted in more serious charges against him withdrawn.


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Disgraced Former Hero Cop DeCoatsworth Awaits Sentencing

Once hailed as a hero, a disgraced Philadelphia cop will learn his fate today, as it’s sentencing for former police officer Richard DeCoatsworth.


(First lady Michelle Obama waves to her husband before he addresses a joint session of Congress in February 2009.   With her is Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth.  
Credit: Mark Wilson/ Getty Images)

Exalted Then Disgraced Former Philly Cop Pleads Guilty To Reduced Charges

Troubled former Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth, 28, has pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution, simple assault, and a drug charge.


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Judge Rejects Request For Further Bail Reduction From Former Hero Cop

Richard DeCoatsworth, 27, who was shot in the face in 2007, was arrested and charged in May of this year with raping two women.


(Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth, right, sat by invitation alongside Michelle Obama during a presidential address to Congress in 2009.  Credit: Alex Wong/ Getty Images)

Attorney Wants Bail Lowered For Former Hero Philly Cop Now Charged With Rape and More

The defense, seeking “reasonable” bail, contends the allegations against Richard DeCoatsworth (right) are false and are motivated by revenge.


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Sources: Man Arrested For Death Threat In Hero Cop Rape Investigation

Police have arrested Manuel Maldonado, 25, for threatening witnesses who could testify against former Philadelphia Police Officer Richard DeCoatsworth, according to police sources.


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Former Philadelphia Cop, Once Hailed As Hero, Charged With Raping 2 Women

A former Philadelphia police officer, once hailed as a hero, has been arrested and charged with raping two women.


(Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth in 2009, after recovering from a shotgun blast to the face.)

Former Philadelphia Cop, Once A Hero Of City’s Force, Hits Another Low Spot

Richard DeCoatsworth was praised after taking a shotgun blast to the face during a car stop, but later was accused of using excessive force in another case.


Kensington Man Gets Probation For Riding Motorcycle Toward Cop

The officer fired two shots, wounding the defendant in the leg.