Restaurant Reviews

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Flavour App

The Flavour app blends restaurant recommendations from critics, bloggers, experts and locals to help you find nearby favorites in several cities.


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Burpple App

There are plenty of people taking pictures of food these days, but a significantly smaller number suggesting where to eat. Burpple is looking to reverse that.


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Ness App

Ness is a recommendation engine for local restaurants – based on YOUR tastes.


Lawsuits Arise Out Of Customer Review Websites

If you’d like to share negative thoughts about a restaurant experience or contractor, there are many opportunities to post customer reviews online, but prepare to be sued.


7. Food Preparer

The Raved App

The best place to find new good places to eat and have fun is your friends. That’s where the Raved app comes in.


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Food Spotting App

There are plenty of apps that let you review restaurants, but if you’re more interested in particular dishes, FoodSpotting might be the one for you.



Trip Advisor App

Find hotels, restaurants and other local knowledge straight from your phone with the Trip Advisor app.



The Zagat App

Zagat, the most trusted name in user generated restaurant reviews has an app.