Respiratory Problems

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Asthma Is Common And Potentially Fatal Problem Among Inner City Youth

Asthma is a major health concern and it is particularly an issue in children who live in the city.



Think About Zinc

It is not something we talk about often but there is a micronutrient in our body that plays a critical role – it’s zinc.


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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

There are four stages of COPD from mild to severe and as the symptoms worsen the amount of coughing and production of phlegm or mucus increases.


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Filters Don’t Prevent Children’s Exposure To Secondhand Smoke

Researchers at Johns Hopkins looked at whether placing air filters/cleaners in children’s rooms could reduce some of the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on children’s asthma symptoms.



Exposure To Mold May Lead To Childhood Asthma

Children exposed to higher levels of mold at 1 year of age were almost 3 times as likely to develop asthma by the age of 7 as kids with lower mold exposures during infancy.



Advances In Asthma Treatments

We have made wonderful advances in the battle against asthma. Most of our breakthroughs have been a direct result of a better understanding of what causes asthma.



Air Pollution Increases Risk Of Asthma

Our health is largely dependent on our environment. A good example is how air pollution is known to increase the risk of developing asthma.