Nature Sees To It That Seeds Get AroundIf you wonder how something sprouts in your yard when you didn’t plant it, it’s because Nature designed seeds to be strewn.
Unwelcome Garden Guests Leave FootprintsLight snowfalls are not only pretty to look at in a garden, they can also help you predict trouble - like who's been nibbling where they're not welcome.
Protecting Your Plants From PestsSomeone down the street planted a quince shrub this summer, surrounded it with a low chicken wire cage and put up pinwheels discourage visitors. Will it work?
Philadelphia Animal Care & Control In Desperate Need Of FostersAccording to ACCT, 399 animals were surrendered to them over the weekend, and with only 12 cages free for new intakes, the situation is dire.
Is Someone Testing Your Impatiens?A few weeks ago petals began to disappear, then lots of leaves, and now several of my impatiens are nibbled to stubs. Not pretty. So, who did it?
When Droppings SproutYou can find things growing in the strangest places sometimes - a cherry tree by a lamppost, or some vine winding up through an azalea. Ever wonder why?
Animal Shelters Expect A Hop In Rabbit Donations After EasterIf you plan on giving a rabbit as an Easter gift, be ready to make a committment. Rabbits can live 6-12 years.
More Than Just <em>Dumb</em> BunniesWhile rabbits can damage garden plants – particularly enjoying tender shoots in spring, and vegetables in your summer garden patch – bunnies are also pretty good at weed control.

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