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Puppy Mill


Puppy Lemon Laws

About half the states have laws designed to protect consumers from the illnesses and congenital defects that you didn’t know your puppy had before you brought it home from the pet store.


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Pa.’s Anti-Puppy Mill Law Enforcement Criticized

Pennsylvania’s independently elected fiscal watchdog says the state is doing a poor job enforcing an anti-puppy mill law that’s designed to protect buyers and ensure breeders maintain humane practices.


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Dog Law Advisory Board Says Corbett Administration Is All Bark, No Bite

Board members claim enforcement of the updated puppy mill law has dropped off precipitously since Governor Corbett took office 15 months ago.


Pennsylvania Legislature Updates The Puppy Lemon Law

The state Senate has passed and sent to the House a bill that would give people more time to recover losses after purchasing a sick dog.