Puerto Rican Day

(Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey says more supervisors will be on hand during and after this year's Puerto Rican Day parade.   Photo by Paul Kurtz)

City Officials Plan For a Calmer, More Controlled Puerto Rican Day This Year

Officials have announced plans for the first annual Boricua Fest, to take place at the Dell East following the Puerto Rican Day parade on September 29th.


(Jonathan Josey outside the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, after being found not guilty of assault.  Credit: Tony Hanson)

Former Philadelphia Cop Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting Woman After Puerto Rican Day Parade

Judge Patrick Dugan today ruled that Jonathan Josey was not guilty of simple assault when he struck Aida Guzman in the face.


(Lt. Jonathan Josey strikes Aida Guzman in the face during an incident after the 2012 Puerto Rican Day parade.  File photo)

Judge To Rule on Philly Cop’s Slap of Woman at Puerto Rican Day Incident

By John McDevitt PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Final testimony and closing arguments were heard today in the trial of a former Philadelphia police lieutenant charged with striking a woman at a Puerto Rican Day celebration last […]


(Aida Guzman, who was punched by a Philadelphia police officer during a street altercation last weekend, arrives at City Hall with her attorneys for a meeting with Mayor Nutter.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Woman Punched By Philly Cop Gets Apology From Mayor Nutter

“Yeah, he apologized to me, and I feel good for that,” Aida Guzman said after the private meeting with the mayor.



Philadelphia’s Hispanic Community Awaiting Results of Officer-Punches-Woman Probe

“We hope there will be a positive outcome,” says the president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women.


(credit: YouTube)

Video Captures Philly Cop Striking Woman In Face During Altercation

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating an incident in which a police supervisor strikes a woman in the face during Sunday’s Puerto Rican Day celebration.