CBS 3 Pet Project: A Safe Solution To Dog WalkingIf your dog is a "puller" you may want to invest in a good harness.
CBS 3 Pet Project: Preventing Fleas And TicksIt's National Mutt Day which is a perfect time to remind pet owners about summer ailments that can affect dogs no matter what breed.
CBS 3 Pet Project: Helping Your Pet With Separation AnxietyAccording to the ASPCA, a common complaint of pet owners is that their dog chews, rips, barks and is generally disruptive when left alone.
CBS 3 Pet Project: Protecting Your Pooch From The HeatThe Delaware Valley is dealing with more hot weather, making it a good time to remind pet owners not to leave their animals in the car.
PSPCA Helps Save 7 Dogs From West Virginia After Devastating FloodsTwenty-three people died and more than 1,000 homes were ravaged in the flooding in West Virginia.
PSPCA Removes 27 Cats, 2 Dogs From 'Flea-Infested' Bridesburg HomeThe Pennsylvania SPCA announced the removal of 29 living animals from a home in the city's Bridesburg section on Friday.
Viewing Held For Former PSPCA Director Of Human Law Enforcement George BengalPeople gathered to pay their respects to Bengal at the Kirk and Nice Funeral Home in Feasterville.
Officials Remove 33 Cats From Filthy Conditions In Frankford ResidenceThe Pennsylvania SPCA has announced that over 30 cats were taken from two separate apartments at a building in the city's Frankford section.
PA Man Found Guilty For Denying Care To Dogs Quilled By PorcupineThe PSPCA announced that a man has been found guilty of animal cruelty in connection to a lack of veterinary care after two dogs were quilled by a porcupine.
Uber Delivers Puppy Play Dates, Some To CBS Broadcast CenterFifteen minute puppy play dates were in demand Thursday.
Uber And SPCA Bringing Back Puppy Playdates To Local ProfessionalsOn Thursday the Pennsylvania SPCA is teaming up with Uber to bring “Puppy Playdates” back to offices throughout the Philadelphia area.
Philadelphia Woman Pleads Guilty To Animal Cruelty In Connection To 13 Dogs, 4 CatsA Philadelphia woman in the city's Holmesburg section is pleading guilty to animal cruelty for the treatment of 13 dogs and four cats.

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