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Property Tax

(Mayor Nutter, with other city officials, stresses the importance of the "Actual Value Initiative."  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Review Process Open To Philadelphia Homeowners Hit By Property Tax Assessment

An early appeal may be the first recourse for thousands of Philadelphia homeowners if they take issues with new property assessments that were mailed out by the city Friday.


City Hall (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Proceeding With Property Tax Makeover, Philadelphia Mails Out Revised Assessments

The Nutter Administration is mailing out more than 500,000 assessments to property owners — the first wholesale remaking of property values in Philadelphia in many years.


(Mayor Nutter, in file photo.  Credit: Bobby Bank/ Getty Images)

Nutter Says Sticker Shock Property Values May Not Happen

Sticker shock in the form of new property values are due to be mailed out to Philadelphia homeowners in about two weeks.


file photo (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

2012 Year In Review: Battle Between Nutter, City Council Over Property Taxes

The single biggest issue facing Mayor Nutter and City Council during 2012 involved a plan to overhaul Philadelphia’s property tax system.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Councilman Proposes Overhauling Philadelphia Tax Abatement

A city councilman is proposing a huge overhaul to the long-controversial 10-year property tax abatement in Philadelphia.


Council President Clarke with his colleagues in the caucus room, before passing a new city budget. (By Steve Tawa)

Philadelphia City Council Approves Budget, Delays AVI

The budget season is over at Philadelphia City Hall. City Council has passed a $3.6 billion budget, ending a tumultuous three-month stretch during which tough decisions were made on how to make ends meet.


(File Photo Courtesy of Tony Hanson)

Controversy, Confusion Accompany City Property Tax Overhaul

Confusion reigns at Philadelphia City Hall as council and the Nutter Administration grapple over the already overdue budget as well as how to fix the property tax system.


(Philadelphia City Council president Darrell Clarke.  File photo by Steve Tawa)

Council President Clarke Optimistic About End To City’s Budget Battle

Council President Darrell Clarke postponed a Thursday morning budget hearing until next Tuesday. He hopes that will be the time when the council members come to an agreement on the perplexing budget.



Nutter Writes Council President Verna About ‘Troubling Misconceptions’ Related To School Funds

The letter states that there is some apparent confusion about last year’s 9.9-percent tax hike to help the city’s finances and stave off enormous cutbacks.


(Credit /

Ocean City Raises Season Beach Badges To $25

Ocean City is raising the price of its seasonal beach badges to $25 this summer, up from $20 last year.



New Jersey Approves Big Property Tax Hike In Camden

The state’s Local Finance Board agreed Friday to lift the city’s cap on property-tax increases. That means the hike, which could raise $4.2 million, would take effect once the City Council approves the municipal budget.



Camden Considering Big Property Tax Hike

Property taxes in Camden could go up by 23 percent if the state government approves a rate hike.


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NJ Governor To Sign Arbitration Law To Ease Property Tax Increases

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to sign a bill Tuesday that aims to help New Jersey towns control costs and ease property tax increases.