Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

(Graphic by Ed Fischer)

Philly Priest Sex Abuse Case: Witness Alleges ‘Rotation’ Of Molestation Of Boys

As the trial of a Philadelphia monsignor and a priest accused of child sex abuse and coverups moves forward, a second man testified today he was part of a rotation of boys repeatedly abused by a local priest in the late ’70s and early ’80s.


Witness Links West Virginia Bishop To Priest Abuse

Testimony and argument in the clergy abuse case allegedly link bishop Michael Bransfield, of the Wheeling-Charleston West Virginia diocese, to an alleged predator priest and child abuse in the early 1980’s.


(A memo from Msgr. William Lynn outlining church response to accusations against priests has become evidence in the case against him.  Credit: Tony Hanson)

More Victims Say Abusive Philadelphia Priests Were Protected By Higher-Ups

The witness, who later became a priest himself, says he confronted his abuser years later and also informed church officials, but the man was not prosecuted.


(Msgr. William Lynn, in file photo)

Focus at Philadelphia Priests’ Sex Abuse Trial: Who Was In Charge?

It has become apparent that priests suspected of preying on children were shuffled, for decades, from one parish to another in the Philadelphia archdiocese.


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Gripping Testimony From Former Altar Boy In Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial

The accuser, now 30 years old, says that when he was 14 and after Father James Brennan became a familiar figure in their home, the family arranged for an overnight visit to Brennan’s home, where he was molested.


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Alleged Victim Expected To Testify Against Accused Priest In Clergy Abuse Case

A man who claims he was sexually assaulted by defendant Father James Brennan in 1996 was scheduled to testify on Wednesday.


(Msgr. William Lynn, in file photo)

Testimony of Abuse By Priests Piles Up In Philadelphia Child-Sex Coverup Case

The prosecution in the Philadelphia clergy child abuse case continues to focus in on the heart of its case — alleged lies and coverups — as it presented evidence of another priest allowed to remain in ministry even after allegations of sexual predation.


file photo of Msgr. William Lynn (Credit: Stan Honda/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Prosecutors Detail Long History Of Alleged Abuse By Priests

The prosecution in the clergy abuse case alleges defendant Monsignor William Lynn, charged with endangering children by allowing alleged and admitted predator priests to remain in ministry, is guilty of a pattern of conduct that dates back decades in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.


(File photo of Msgr. William Lynn, with his attorney. Credit: Steve Tawa)

Philadelphia Priest Charged With Endangering Children Was Protecting Them, Defense Says

The defense has presented evidence through cross-examination that Msgr. William Lynn acted within days of learning of a letter from a priest to a boy, soliciting sex.


(Msgr. William Lynn was convicted of child endangerment.  Edward Avery pleaded guilty to molesting a boy.  Photos from Phila. PD)

Prosecutors Trace Paper Trail of Guilt In Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial

The evidence focused on Edward Avery, a defrocked priest who pleaded guilty last week.


(Msgr. William Lynn, on his way into court with his attorney last April.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Trial For 2 In Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Case Gets Underway

A trial has begun in the unprecedented case of a Philadelphia priest charged with raping a boy and a monsignor charged with endangering children as part of a coverup.


(Edward Avery has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a boy and conspiracy.  James Brennan and William Lynn are facing trial.)

Defense In Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Case Wants New Jury

One day after Edward Avery pleaded guilty, the attorneys for two co-defendants have asked for a new jury panel because, they argue, this one was tainted by the latest developments.


(Msgr. William Lynn, on his way into court with his attorney last April.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Prosecutors Plan To Show ‘Diocese-Wide Policy’ In Priest Sex Abuse Case

While the unprecedented clergy abuse trial of former Monsignor William Lynn and two priests is set to begin Monday, the latest pre-trial hearing in the case makes clear the defendants won’t be the only ones on trial.


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Philadelphia Judge Will Allow Priests’ Prosecutors To Paint History of Archdiocese Inaction

A Philadelphia judge has ruled that evidence of alleged “prior bad acts” can be admitted in the upcoming child sex abuse trial of three Catholic clergymen.


(2002 photo of Cardinal Bevilacqua by Don Murray/ Getty Images)

Legal Expert Says Bevilacqua’s Death Won’t Affect Philadelphia Priest Child-Abuse Case

There is now a gag order imposed on all parties in the case, so neither the prosecution nor defense can make statements in reaction to Bevilacqua’s death.