Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

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Accuser in Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Case Is Grilled By Defense Attorneys

Another former priest accused by the same man has since pleaded guilty.


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Money Is Motivating Phila. Priest Sex-Abuse Claims, Says Defense Attorney

It was attack and counterattack in a Philadelphia courtroom, as another case of alleged clergy sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia begins.


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2nd Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial Set For Oct. 22

The rape trial of a Roman Catholic priest and a former Catholic school teacher has been rescheduled for next month before a new judge.


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Archdiocese: Monsignor Lynn’s Sentence ‘Heavy’

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has released a statement just hours after Monsignor William Lynn was sentenced to 3-6 years in prison, calling his sentence “heavy.”


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3-6 Years in Prison For Monsignor Lynn

In a harshly worded statement, Judge Teresa Sarmina said that Msgr. William Lynn had allowed “monsters” in priestly garb to continue their crimes of assaulting children.


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Monsignor Seeks Probation In Landmark Philadelphia Archdiocese Priest Abuse Case

The first U.S. church official convicted of endangering children in the priest-abuse scandal asked Thursday for probation instead of prison, saying he had already experienced months of scrutiny, vilification and shame.


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Jurors Speak Out About Verdict In Priest Sex Abuse Case

The jury in the priest sex abuse case sat through months of evidence and deliberated for nearly two weeks before reaching their landmark mixed verdict.


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Jury Decision In Philadelphia Child Sex Abuse Case

A decison has been reached in the child sex abuse case. An announcement is expected shortly after 2pm.


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Philadelphia Jury Says It Is ‘Hung’ On Most Counts In Priest Sex Abuse Trial

The jury in the Philadelphia priest sex abuse case told the judge on the 12th day of deliberations that they are unable to reach a verdict on four of the five charges in this landmark case.


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Jurors Still Weighing Fate of Accused Priests in Philadelphia Clergy Sex Abuse Trial

Monsignor William Lynn is charged with endangering children while serving a secretary for clergy at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and Father James Brennan is charged with molesting a child.


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Expert Says Parents Should Be Prepared When Kids Hear Lurid News Stories

Try as you might to protect them, there is a chance that your child may have heard some of the lurid details of the Jerry Sandusky case. So how do you talk to your children about it?


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Life Intrudes On Philadelphia Jury Weighing Priest Sex Abuse Case

The jury won’t deliberate this Friday. They’ll resume late on Monday, and won’t work next Wednesday or Friday if they have still not reached verdicts by then.


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Jurors in Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial Ask Questions During Deliberation

Jurors sought clarification on the word “and” specific to legal issues. Attorneys for the defense and prosecution could not agree on a response.


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Monsignor Says He’s Sorry But Blameless For Teen’s Abuse By Pedophile Priest

Msgr. William Lynn maintains he was powerless to change the church’s practices for dealing with predator priests. As he put it at one point, he was “not the cardinal archbishop of Philadelphia.”


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Day 2 Of Cross Examination In Priest Sex Abuse Trial Proves Intense

Monsignor William Lynn walked to lunch with his family surrounding him, and for the first time all morning, his face wasn’t blazing red.