Study: Why Does Cheap Wine Taste Better If We Think It's Expensive?A new study claims the placebo effect is so strong it can actually change our brain chemistry.
Students' Video Sparks Conversation About Hurtful StereotypesA painful student video about stereotypes and prejudice at a suburban Washington high school has opened the door for conversation and change.
Business May Be Held Responsible For Prejudice Of Its CustomersCan a business be held responsible for the racism of its patrons?
Racial Discrimination May Apply To Any RaceA person of any race can bring a claim of race discrimination. So a white person can argue that she was the victim of race discrimination.
Law Doesn't Prevent Discriminating Against ParentsIf your employer stereotypes a working parent by, say, assuming she’ll need more sick time, is that discrimination?
Study: Stereotypes Influence BehaviorA study out of USC suggests if a person hears about a stereotype that impacts them often enough, it might change their behavior.
Employers Paying For DiscriminationThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently released its statistics on the claims made in 2012. How much money did employers have to pay?
Baggy Pants LegislationThe way you dress yourself is a form of expression protected under the first amendment. But that right is not unfettered.
Black Cat And Dog SyndromeMany animal shelters notice that dogs and cats possessing tan or light colored coats appear to be adopted quicker than the darker pets. This is known as Black Cat and Dog Syndrome.

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