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USGS: More Data Needed To Assess Any Fracking-Pollution Link

A new study by the U.S. Geological Survey says more data is needed to be able to say for sure if a link exists between unconventional oil and gas development and degraded water quality.


Delaware River. (credit: Chelsea Karnash)

Study Turns Portion Of The Delaware River Green

“The purpose of the dye study is so that we can understand how pollution would move throughout different parts of the river under different conditions,” said Dr. Chris Crocket of the Philadelphia Water Department.


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Sorry, Carnivores: Study Claims You’re Doing Double The Damage To The Environment

Want to do something good for the environment? Put down the hamburger.


Delaware River. (credit: Chelsea Karnash)

PA Cracks The Top Ten List Of Toxic Chemicals In Waterways

Pennsylvania has the nation’s seventh-highest volume of toxic chemicals being released into its waterways, according to a new report. New Jersey ranks 14th. Now, a coalition of environmental groups is urging greater protection for local waterways.


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Feds Step In To Clean Up Gloucester County, NJ Hazmat Site

New Jersey officials had been working with the Superior Barrel and Drum Company to address a hazardous material problem on its property — until the owner stopped cooperating.


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Code Orange Air Quality Alert Issued For New Jersey

The National Weather Service says the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Code Orange Air Quality Alert for multiple locations.



Study: Kids Exposed To Air Pollution At Young Age At Higher Risk Of Hyperactivity

A new study has found that children who are exposed to higher levels of traffic-related air pollution at a young age are more at risk of being hyperactive.


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Report: Superstorm Sandy Released 11 Billion Gallons Of Sewage

That’s according to a study by the nonprofit science journalism group Climate Central. It says that’s equivalent to having Central Park covered 41 feet high with sewage.


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Philadelphia Among ‘25 Most Polluted Cities’ In America

A 2013 report by the American Lung Association has found that the air in and around Philadelphia may put people’s health at risk.


(Marcus Hook refinery, in file photo.  Credit: David Madden)

New Environmental Report Finds PA Industries Among Highest In Pollutants

It’s a problem dating to the industrial revolution, bad stuff belching from smokestacks in the very places that allow nearby residents to put food on the table. And a new report from EarthJustice finds that Pennsylvania factories are top polluters.


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New Report Shows Local Beaches In Good Standing When It Comes To Water Quality

An independent annual report on water quality along popular beaches from coast to coast puts most of those around here in pretty good standing.


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Arguments About Extracting Natural Gas From The Marcellus Shale Region Heat Up

Conversations about extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region often turn on taxes, jobs and potential pollution. But KYW’s John Ostapkovich talked with a drilling foe whose main concern is tourism.



Health Watch: Super Plants

EPA studies show that on average the air inside your home is two to five percent more polluted than the outside air. Certain house plants might be able to fix that.


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Gas Drilling Pushes Susquehanna To Top Of “Most Endangered” List

The group says natural gas extraction poses two potential threats: the soup of toxic chemicals and the huge amount of water pumped down wells so natural gas comes up.


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EPA To Issue New Pollution Regulations

The idea here is to reduce pollutants such as mercury, lead and dioxins, under the Clean Air Act.