Sprinkling Seeds Can Be Simply SatisfyingSprinkling seeds is so much easier and cheaper than buying and planting annuals and, since it’s only June, they have months to bloom.
Seeds Grow To Flowers With Little EffortI’ve never really started many plants from seed because doing it indoors always seems so fussy and labor intensive to me. But, seeds sprinkled outside grow with little effort on your part.
It Takes Little Power To Make Seeds FlowerIf you sow seeds in sun or shade – whatever it tells you to do on the package - some plants will probably grow. Try It.
Saving Seeds From Your GardenSaving seeds from plants you grew makes it easy to share plants you love.
When Droppings SproutYou can find things growing in the strangest places sometimes - a cherry tree by a lamppost, or some vine winding up through an azalea. Ever wonder why?

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