Murphy's First Bill Signing Looks To Restore Funding To Women's Health, Planned Parenthood Just 34 days into his new administration, Gov. Phil Murphy has laid out plans for his first bill signing.
Zeoli Show Log 06.23.17On today's show, Rich discussed Democrat overreaction to the Senate Healthcare Bill, Sen. Rand Paul's belief that the GOP healthcare bill is just more of Obamacare, and speech under attack in Germany. At 5pm, Jean Morrow, Research Assistant for Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.
Zeoli Show Log 06.22.17On today's show, Rich discussed the unveiling of the Senate GOP Healthcare Bill, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's claim that the newly proposed healthcare bill will be paid for with American lives, and whether or not Conservative and moderate members of the Senate can come together to pass the bill.
Panel Of Women Gives Devastating Review Of American Health Care ActPhiladelphia's Planned Parenthood director took a poke at the U.S. Senate's all-male panel to devise an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. She convened an all-female panel to discuss what's been proposed so far.
Planned Parenthood Sounds The Alarm On New Health Care Bill"It blocks low income patients from receiving healthcare at Planned Parenthood health centers."
Opponents: PA Bill Would Defund Planned ParenthoodA state Senate committee has advanced legislation that opponents say is an attempt to defund Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania.
GOP Senator Who Underwent Spinal Surgery Returns For Planned Parenthood VoteIn Congress' latest clash mixing the politics of abortion, women's health and states' rights, Pence cast the decisive vote in a 51-50 roll call.
Health Advocates: 1 Million Pennsylvanians Could Lose Health Insurance Under Proposed GOP PlanSome of the plan's most striking changes are not in the insurance exchange but in Medicaid.
Trump Tells Planned Parenthood He'll Keep Federal Funding If It Stops Performing AbortionsPlanned Parenthood rejected the offer.
Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood Is 'Modern Day Eugenics'Nick Cannon claims Planned Parenthood takes part in “modern day eugenics.”
Mike Pence Donates Thousands To Planned Parenthood (But He Didn't)Some Americans unhappy with last Tuesday's election results have found a new and creative way to protest.
Planned Parenthood Honor Features Abortion Debate In NJ State SenateLegislatures from coast to coast pass thousands of resolutions honoring people and organizations for just about everything imaginable. And they're approved with virtually no debate.

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