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Sun – By Kid’s Discover

Sun might technically be a science app for children, but even adults could end up learning a few new things about our nearest star.


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Slooh App

Not all of us can afford our own deep space camera, but Slooh lets you borrow one for a bit – actually rotating the cameras to focus on stars and planets.



NASA Visualization Explorer

Odds are you won’t get to explore the stars yourself – or even have access to all of NASA’s tools. The Visualization Explorer app is the next best thing.


Transit of Venus

Venus In Transit

Venus is in transit, which means it will pass between the Earth and the sun.


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The Night Sky App

Stargazing goes high tech with the Night Sky app – an educational app that makes astronomy accessible to pretty much anyone.


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Researchers Discover 3 Potential Earth-Like Planets

The discovery of new planets continues as the Kepler Mission reports back from space.