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PJM Interconnection

File photo. (Credit: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Polluting Power Plants Closing At Record Numbers, Leaving Concerns About Adequate Energy Supply

PJM Interconnection says a record number of power plants will retire this spring, to comply with tougher emission standards, taking with them some 12,000 megawatts of electricity generation.


(File photo by Ian Waldie/ Getty Images)

Regional Power Grid Operator Urges Consumers To Cut Back Electric Usage

Conservation measures will not only help maintain the power grid but will also help soften the blow of heating bills that may soar after yet another bout of bone-chilling cold.


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Energy Company Ends Call For Conservation As Strain On The Grid Subsides

The company that manages the power grid for the Philadelphia region says things are returning to normal.


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Regional Power Grid Operator Reports Winter Record For Electric Usage

They’re doing this because PJM is reporting a winter record for usage. At 7 p.m. Tuesday, the demand was 141,500 megawatts, breaking the record of 136,700 set in 2007. The difference, Dotter explains, is enough to power a medium sized city.


(File photo by Ian Waldie/ Getty Images)

Regional Power Grid Operator Asks Users To Cut Back Electric Usage

The Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland Interconnection (known as “PJM”) is asking for cutbacks on your electricity usage between 3pm and 7pm today.


(Cars head over the Brooklyn Bridge beside a blacked-out New York City skyline on August 14, 2003.  Credit: Spencer Platt/ Getty Images)

On 10th Anniversary of Major US Power Outage, Electric Industry More Secure

“It was a pretty scary time in that, immediately after it happened, we really did not know what had caused it,” recalls an electric industry official at a major regional interconnect in Valley Forge, Pa.


(The storage battery that helps Septa turn train braking energy into reusable electricity.  Photo provided)

SEPTA Learns To Turn Train Braking Energy Into Reusable Electricity

SEPTA officials are calling it a “first-in-the-world achievement” for public transit: several stations are now converting the kinetic braking power of trains into electricity.


PECO's control center on Thursday (credit: Paul Kurtz)

PECO Sets New Power Demand Record, Eyes Another For Friday

Peco spokesman Ben Armstrong says the utility broke a demand record for electricity that was sent in August of 2006.



Regional Power Pool Says ‘Don’t Sweat It’ They’re Ready For Summer

The official start of summer is now less than a month away. However, the regional power pool which serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware has been preparing for months to handle the needs for power for those fans and air conditioners.