Kyle Simon (credit: Reading Phillies)

Reading’s Simon Proving To Be Bullpen Force

Kyle Simon, a relief pitcher the Phillies got in the Thome trade, is performing.


Pittsburgh Pirates

Walk Still A Familiar Face To Phillies Fans

Bob Walk went 11-7 for the Phillies in ’80, but he is probably best remembered for being tabbed to start Game #1 of the World Series that year against the Royals.


Cincinnati Reds Photo Day

Horst Wastes No Time Making Phillies Debut

A conversation with the Phillies newest reliever, Jeremy Horst.


Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox, Game 5

Curt Schilling Facing Failure In Video Game Business

Curt Schilling is facing something in business he didn’t face much in baseball, failure.


Jamie Moyer (credit: Getty Images)

Former Phillie Jamie Moyer Fends Off Father Time To Notch Win At 49

Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball to win a game.


(credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Phillies Could Still Be A Suitor For Roy Oswalt

Don’t count the Phillies out as suitors for Roy Oswalt.


File Photo (Getty Images)

Reaction To The Cole Hamels Contract Extension

Cole Hamels signed a one-year, $15 million extension that will keep him in a Phillies uniform for the 2012 season.


Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training Workout Session

All Eyes On Cliff Lee At Phillies’ Camp

On a staff of aces and team of stars, Lee has been the center of attention since the Philadelphia Phillies opened spring training.


The Phillies: Better Off With Roy Oswalt Than Cliff Lee?

For most of this season, Phillies fans have considered Cliff Lee to be “the one that got away.” For a mere $9 million, the Phillies could have had the best 1-2-3 pitching combination in all of […]


Phillies Trade J.A. Happ For Roy Oswalt

The rumored trade of Roy Oswalt to the Phillies that gained steam overnight is  a done deal. Click MORE for the full story.


Washington Nationals v Arizona Diamondbacks

One Game Changed Everything For Strasburg

Before Bob Costas began calling his games, before talk of his imminent induction into the Hall of Fame began, before security guards became a constant companion and before anyone who threw a baseball knew his […]