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physical therapy

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Rehab Helps Muscle Injury And Recovery

A good rehab program can help people make dramatic improvements if started at the earliest and safest possible time.



Treating Osteoarthritis

When we talk about osteoarthritis, part of it is lifestyle and part of it is medical treatment as well.


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Health Exclusive: New Robot Arrives in Philadelphia, Helps Paralyzed Patients Walk Again

First-of-its-kind kind technology arrives in Philadelphia to help paralyzed patients walk again.



Knee Pain May Be Osteoarthritis

Although it can occur in almost any joint, osteoarthritis is a condition that often occurs most commonly in the knee.


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Ukee Washington Spends Weeks in Physical Therapy Post Hip Surgery

Being the athlete he is, Ukee Washington knows all about hard work. Rehab after hip replacement isn’t easy, but it’s the key to recovering quickly. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on his physical therapy.



Treating Tennis Elbow

It is called lateral epicondylitis but the way most of us know it as tennis elbow.


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Benefits Of Weight Lifting May Be Lifelong

Weightlifting is often seen as a way to bulk up and teenagers can’t get enough but there is a role for weight lifting as you get older as well.



Treating Neck Pain

Neck tightness can be frustrating, irritating and it can really slow you down. Here are some treatments.



Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis affects one million people each year and two thirds of them end up seeing their doctor because they can’t deal with the pain in their heel.




Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects many people as they get older, often with their knees.


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Rehab Works

Whether you are talking about a stroke or an ankle sprain, a good rehab program can make a major difference in how quickly someone gets better.


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Exercising Through An Injury

Although resting an injury is sometimes necessary, exercise is often a better option on the road to recovery.



Treating Osteoarthritis

Do your knees and other joints hurt? If you are over fifty it might be a result of osteoarthritis.


Allowing Chronic Injuries To Heal

For those of us with chronic injuries or even acute pain from trauma of some sort, there is a great value to rest and therapy.


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Back Surgery: To Be? Or Not To Be?

If a person suffers from chronic back pain should they turn to surgery and, if so, what factors would argue in favor of surgery?