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Adobe Admits Nearly 40 Million Accounts Compromised By Major Hack

The software maker behind Photoshop and Acrobat admitted earlier this month that it had been the victim of a serious hack but we are only now learning just how grave.



Faking It App

The Faking It photo exhibit puts your eyes to the test, as you try to figure out which photos are real and which aren’t.


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The Skitch App

It’s easy to shoot photos on your Smartphone, but if you want to add comments, arrows, circles or other notes, you generally need to get pretty familiar with Photoshop. Skitch, though, simplifies the process.


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Touch Retouch App

TouchRetouch lets you replace and erase items in photos you take with your iPhone for just a buck.


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Make A Coloring Book From Your Garden

You know those photos you take of your garden all year? You can turn them into a coloring book!


computer scam

Wanted: Software Pirates. Reward: $1-Million

The computer software industry is worth a couple hundred billion dollars in the American economy, but companies say they’re losing a big chunk of change every year due to program piracy.


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The Instagram App

If you want to spruce up your photos and maybe add some cool effects, check out the Instagram app.


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Mag lets you upload your favorite pictures, and put them on the cover of a fictional magazine.



Who needs to spend hundreds on Photoshop and other such software when you can get spectacular effects with the free online