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Philadelphia Zoning Code

(Philadelphia City Council chambers.  File photo)

Daycare Advocates Fuming as Phila. Moves Toward Modification of Zoning Rules

Philadelphia’s new zoning code — which took effect two years ago — changed the way that some daycare centers get city approval. One councilman urged a return to the former process.


(Philadelphia city councilmen Brian O'Neill, left, and Bobby Henon.  Images from City of Phila. TV)

City Council Demands Zoning Restrictions on Doctors’ Offices in NE Phila.

“The Upper Northeast is overloaded with medical practices, and the new zoning code pretty much allows anything to be turned medical,” said Councilman Brian O’Neill.


(Mayor Michael Nutter.  File photo by Mike Dunn)

Nutter Hoping To Reverse City Council’s Revisions of New Zoning Code Law

“I think, increasingly, Council members will see that it was not the path to go,” Mayor Nutter says.


(Councilman Brian O'Neill, in file photo)

Councilman Rethinks Plan to Expand Oversight of Community Gardens

Councilman Brian O’Neill now has withdrawn his plan after getting what he admits was an earful from advocates and organizers of community gardens.


(City Council's Rules Committee votes to make changes to Philadelphia's four-month-old zoning code.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia Lawmakers Modify City’s Brand-New Zoning Code, Over Objections of Authors

City Council’s Rules Committee, by a narrow 4-3 vote, approved changes to the zoning code proposed by 10th District councilman Brian O’Neill.


(Mayor Nutter signs the new zoning law, watched by Eva Gladstein, executive director of the Zoning Code Commission; city councilman Frank DiCicco, sponsor of the legislation; and Alan Greenberger, deputy mayor for planning.   Credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter Signs Philadelphia’s New Zoning Code Into Law

With four words, “It is now law,” Mayor Nutter signed into law the city’s new zoning code, replacing one that dated back fifty years and was chock full of anachronisms and confusion.


(Philadelphia City Hall.  File photo by Tony Hanson)

Philadelphia’s Zoning Code Overhaul Moves Forward In Council

But the rewrite is by no means a done deal.


Philadelphia City Hall (credit: KYW's Tim McLaughlin)

Council Finishing Up Proposal To Overhaul Philadelphia Zoning Code

Philadelphia is inching closer to a sweeping overhaul of its woefully out-of-date zoning code.