Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Jewell Williams, pictured center of the table, at microphone during a Philadelphia City Council budget hearing. (Credit: Mike Dunn)

Sheriff Williams Asks For Extra $3.5-Million Budget, Drops Request For New Car

Philadelphia’s new sheriff, Jewell Williams, went before City Council asking for a whopping 25 percent increase in his budget, but he’s backing off for now on his desire to get a new city-issued SUV.


3 Plead Guilty In Fraud Targeting Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office

A fourth man — a former employee in the sheriff’s accounting office — is scheduled to plead guilty next week.


(Photos by Hadas Kuznits)

Dozens Rally At Philadelphia City Hall Against Planned Foreclosure Sales

Some area homeowners at risk of losing their homes rallied today at Philadelphia City Hall to try to stop what’s expected to be one of the city’s largest sheriff’s sales next month.


(File photo)

Former Prosecutor Hired For Audit Of Philly Sheriff’s Books

Leading the audit team will be Louis Pichini, a former prosecutor who headed the criminal division of the US attorney’s office in Philadelphia.