Philadelphia Sales Tax

(City of Philadelphia budget director Rebecca Rhynhart, left, listens as city finance director Rob Dubow responds to a reporter's question.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Mayor Nutter’s Number Crunchers Perplexed About Drop In Sales Tax Revenues

Philadelphia officials don’t quite know why revenues from the city sales tax are lower than expected — but they suspect that Amazon and other online retailers may be to blame.


(Philadelphia school district CFO Matt Stansky, left, and superintendent William Hite.   Photo by Pat Loeb)

Even With Sales Tax Revenue, Phila. Schools Prepare to Lay Off 1,000 More Teachers

Philadelphia schools superintendent William Hite (at right in photo) says he wants to keep the conversation on revenue — where the needed funds will come from — and not on the cuts that would ensue if it doesn’t arrive.


(Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter speaks with reporters outside his office about school district funding.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter Sees More Rough Road Ahead For Philly School District Funding

On Wednesday afternoon Mayor Nutter said he was thankful that Gov. Corbett finally cut the check for the $45 million for the school district.


(Mayor Nutter announces that the city will borrow $50 million so public schools can open on time.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter: City Will Borrow $50 Million So Schools Can Open On Time

Nutter said the city will borrow the money until the funding crisis can be resolved.