Philadelphia Redistricting

(Members of City Council, in their City Hall caucus room.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia City Council Nears Accord On New District Boundaries

The issue is “redistricting” — the mandate that every ten years City Council redraw its boundaries to reflect population shifts.


(Photos from City of Phila. cable TV channel)

Civil Rights And Hispanic Leaders In Philadelphia Call For Fair Redistricting

Leaders of the Philadelphia’s Latino community came before City Council on Tuesday, urging the lawmakers to create a primarily Hispanic district when the city’s map of Council districts gets redrawn.


(Philadelphia city council chambers are home to the first public hearing of the city's redistricting plans following the 2010 Census. File photo)

Philadelphia City Council Begins Listening To Public About Redistricting

Tuesday, city council’s chamber is the site of the first hearing on redistricting. The map must be redrawn based on the results of the 2010 census, which found growing numbers of residents in the eastern portion of the city.


(File photo.  Credit: Tony Hanson)

Philadelphia City Council Will Hold Public Hearing On City Redistricting

By law, City Council has only until September 9th to redistrict, based on census numbers that show a significant population shift in Philadelphia. The hearing is set for August 16th.