Philadelphia Primary Election

(Poll workers wait for voters at an Old City Philadelphia polling place just before noon.  Photo by Ed Fischer)

Rain, Lack of Interest Make For Low Turnout In Philadelphia Primaries

The election watchdog group Committee of Seventy expects only 13 to 14 percent of voters to turnout for Tuesday’s primaries in the City of Philadelphia.


Mayor Michael Nutter and Milton Street are competing for the Democratic mayoral nomination. Both cast their respective votes early Tuesday morning.

Nutter And Street Cast Votes, Urge People To Vote

In the democratic primary for Mayor of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter and his opponent Milton Street cast their votes early Tuesday morning and urged people to vote.


(credit: KYW's Tim McLaughlin)

Philadelphia Primaries: High Stakes, Low Turnout

Five of the 17 Philadelphia City Council members are retiring and there is no shortage of candidates to replace them. Plus, Mayor Nutter faces a challenge from Milton Street.


Milton Street

Nutter Wants Milton Street Thrown Off Mayoral Ballot

The Nutter campaign will go before a judge arguing that Milton Street, brother of former mayor John Street, should not be on the May 17th primary ballot.