Philadelphia Police Helicopter

(credit: Philadelphia Police)

Man Arrested For Pointing Laser At Police Helicopter

Police are questioning two men who were arrested Sunday night for allegedly pointing a green laser at a Philadelphia police helicopter.


N. Philadelphia Man Convicted Of Shooting At Hovering Police Chopper

A 42-year-old Philadelphia man has been convicted of shooting at a hovering Philadelphia police helicoptor that spotted him driving recklessly on an ATV in North Philadelphia three years ago.


(File photo)

Federal Trial Begins For Man Charged With Firing At Philadelphia Police Chopper

A man is in federal court facing charges that he opened fire on a Philadelphia police helicopter after it spotted him riding an ATV recklessly in North Philadelphia three years ago.



Local Man Sentenced For Shining Laser Light At Philadelphia Police Copter

It’s unclear whether defendant Lenny Tavarez knew it was a police helicopter, or that his action had the potential of causing a crash.