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Philadelphia Curfew Law

(Protesters react at today's vote in City Council chambers.  Credit:  Mike Dunn)

Despite Jeers, Philadelphia Lawmakers Approve Stricter Curfew Law

Shouting “shame” at councilmembers, opponents blasted Mayor Nutter for a curfew that they believe does little to solve the problem of flash mobs and that will, in their view, only encourage police harassment of minorities.


Mayor Nutter Sends Curfew Plan To City Council

On Thursday, the Nutter Administration unveiled its plan to permanently tighten the city’s curfew law with earlier hours. Several changes are in store, including different curfew hours for different ages.


(A sign announces the new curfew regulations in two sections of Philadelphia.  File photo by Cherri Gregg)

Philadelphia Extends More Restrictive Curfew Regulations

The Nutter administration has extended its new weekend curfew for teens, even as it works with City Council to tweak the permanent curfew law.


(Diop Olugbala, left, meets with supporters at 4th and South Streets, near where tomorrow night's protest march will end.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Saturday Night March Planned To Protest Philadelphia’s New Curfews

Several community groups have been texting and tweeting, attempting to get the word out about the protest, Saturday at 8:30 PM, that begins with a rally at Broad and South Streets.


(Surveillance video captured portion of a mob attack in center city Philadelphia.)

City Officials Looking To Permanently Re-Write Curfew Law In Philadelphia

City officials are hinting at a possible permanent re-write of Philadelphia’s curfew law because of successful enforcement this weekend of the temporarily tighter curfew hours.