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A Cancer That Affects Dogs And Cats But Not HumansHemangiosarcoma is an unusual and rare type of cancer, primarily in larger breed dogs, horses, sheep and even cats - but not humans.
Buying Pet InsuranceShould you get pet insurance? Here's are some considerations and questions you should ask in advance.
Preventing Your Dog's Ear ProblemsCanine ear problems are not uncommon. There can be various reasons why these problems occur including allergies, foreign material, ear mites or possibly infection.
Keep Your Pets Warm Through The WinterIt's extremely important that you keep your pets, both dogs and cats, indoors in cold weather, regardless of age, size or breed.
Have Your Pet Checked For HeartwormHeartworm is an intestinal parasite which can infect both dogs and cats and, if left untreated, it can be fatal.
Symptoms Of HemangiosarcomaUnlike lymphoma, which can affect both humans and animals, hemangiosarcoma is a cancer that does not affects humans.
No Tricks Or Treats For Your PetsHalloween should be a fun but safe time for all involved including your pets. Here are a few guidelines you can follow.
Summertime Tips For PetsOur pets feel the heat just as much as we do. Keep them cool and comfortable.
Garden Safety Tips For Your PetHere are some gardening safety tips to keep your dogs and cats healthy.
Pets And Heart DiseaseJust like people, our pets, both dogs and cats, can be susceptible to many forms of heart disease. In many cases, early detection and treatment of heart disease can make all the difference.
CoprophagiaAlthough the very notion may seem repulsive, Coprophagia or stool eating can be somewhat common in canines, especially puppies.
New Year's Eve Pet SafetyWith the new year comes plenty of celebration. Before you do, however, make sure your companion animals stay comfortable and safe throughout the holiday. Here are a few tips.

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