Penny Nixon

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Company Which Runs Several Local Charter Schools Adding Nurses Instead Of Removing Them

A company running several local charter schools is reversing the trend of removing nurses from schools.


Audenreid Charter High School classroom with new green screen. (credit: Cherri Gregg)

Grays Ferry Charter School Uses Grant Money To Help Transform Education

Universal Audenried Charter High School kicked off its first day of school Tuesday with an extra $2.7 million dollars in its coffers over the next three years — thanks to a federal school improvement grant designed to help transform education through innovation.


(Philadelphia School District chief academic officer Penny Nixon, on the steps of Girls' High, at Broad and Olney.  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia Expanding Its Best Schools To Make Room For More Students

The schools include Girls High, AMY Northwest, and the EM Stanton School.


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Philadelphia School District Easing Curriculum Required Of Teachers

The Philadelphia school district is planning to loosen the reins on teachers, when it comes to the programs they present in the classroom.


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School District Investigating Cheating Allegations At Hunting Park School

The school district’s chief academic officer, Penny Nixon, says in the wake of reports of cheating on state standardized tests, the district will look into the matter.


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Philadelphia City Council Holds Hearing On School Closure Plan

Philadelphia City Council wanted its own hearings on the school district plan to close nine school buildings and reconfigure some of others.