Pennsylvania State Supreme Court

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Pa. Supreme Court Upholds 2012 Conviction Of High Ranking Church Official

In a stunning reversal, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court is upholding the 2012 conviction of Monsignor William Lynn, the first Roman Catholic official sent to prison over his handling of priest abuse complaints.


Governor Tom Corbett signing new Megan's Law in 2011. (Credit: Tony Romeo)

Pa. House Majority Leader: Megan’s Law Not Affected By State Supreme Court Decision

The spokesman for the state House majority leader is assuring Pennsylvanians that the state’s Megan’s Law is intact despite a state Supreme Court ruling on the issue earlier this week.


Grand Juries New Tool Against Witness Intimidation In Philadelphia

Right now, terrified witnesses are required to appear in open court to testify at preliminary hearings. But a rule change means the DA’s office can instead have witnesses testify in secret before grand juries to establish whether there is enough evidence to bring a suspect to trial in felony cases where witness intimidation is a concern.


Number Of Medical Malpractice Cases In Pa. Levels Off After 6-Year Decline

After six years of steady decline, the number of medical malpractice cases in Pennsylvania has leveled off.



New Reforms Could Mean Jail Time For Those In Philadelphia Who Skip Court

The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court is following up on a consultant’s report to fix the ‘failure to appear in court’ rate in Philadelphia, by throwing defendants in jail.



Pa. Supreme Court Will Likely Enter Teachers Union, School District Layoff Dispute

In the ongoing legal battle over layoffs between the teachers union and Philadelphia school district, it appears likely that the State Supreme court will take up the case


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City Council Changes Rules, Limiting Public Speeches At Meetings

Council President Anna Verna denies that the change was an attempt to get around a state Supreme Court decision.