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Pennsylvania State House Of Representatives

Superintendent Dr. William Hite says a cash advance from the state doesn't solve the district's $81 million deficit. (credit: Mike DeNardo/KYW)

City Officials Say Without Passage Of Cigarette Tax, Philadelphia Schools May Not Open On Time

Superintendent Dr. William Hite has said 1,300 layoff notices would go out August 15 without money from the cigarette tax. He says a cash advance from the state doesn’t solve the district’s $81 million deficit.



Pa. House Returns For ‘Lame Duck’ Session

After a reversal by House Democratic leaders who had cancelled the remaining days in the current session, the Pennsylvania House returns today for a post-election, “lame duck,” session to wrap up unfinished business.


(file photo: Getty Images)

Pennsylvania State House Democrats Face Leadership Battle

With state House Democrats in disarray after massive setbacks in last week’s election, Philadelphia’s Dwight Evans – the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee – is facing a challenge to his leadership post.