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Pennsylvania Liquor Sales

(The new Pennsylvania state liquor store at 21st and Market Streets.  Credit: John McDevitt)

New Pa. LCB Liquor Store Opens in Center City Philadelphia

The 7,700 square feet of retail space at 21st and Market Streets are laid out in colors: blue for spirits, orange for wines, and green for the “premium” and “chairman selections.”


(Credit: Tony Romeo)

Boisterous and Tense Moments at Pa. Liquor Store Privatization Hearing

The lieutenant governor accused the ranking Democrat on the panel of impugning the character of Corbett cabinet members.


(Deb Beck, president of the Drug and Alcohol Service Providers Organization of Pennsylvania, testifies before a state senate committee.  Credit: Tony Romeo)

Pa. State Senators Examine Social Effects of Liquor Sale Privatization

The Senate hearings come more than a month after the House passed its version of a privatization bill.


(The Liquor Control Committee of the Pennsylvania House, today.  Credit: Tony Romeo)

Pa. Lawmakers Push State Store Privatization Toward Full House Vote

A spokesman for Governor Corbett says he’s pleased, even though the committee made significant changes to his proposal.


(Credit: Tony Romeo)

Gov. Corbett Insists on Full Privatization of Pa. Liquor Store System

Governor Tom Corbett is reaffirming his commitment to full privatization of liquor sales in Pennsylvania.


(Gov. Tom Corbett.  File photo: AP)

Corbett Promises Liquor Privatization Proceeds To Schools

Gov. Tom Corbett says his plan to auction 1,200 wine and liquor store licenses and open beer and wine sales to a broad array of retailers would commit the proceeds to education.