Pennsylvania House Of Representatives

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Pennsylvania House Passes Bill On Cyber Bullying

A bill creating the offense of cyber harassment of a child in Pennsylvania has the overwhelming approval of the state House of Representatives.


(Philadelphia School District headquarters.  File photo by Mike DeNardo)

State House Set To Vote On Cigarette Tax To Fund Philly Schools

The Pennsylvania House is expected to vote today on a proposal to raise new money for the Philadelphia School District — a measure the school district repeats is badly needed.


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Tavern Gambling Bill Heads To Senate

The Pennsylvania House has approved legislation that would allow for small games of chance in bars and taverns. The state Senate is expected to follow suit next week.


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PA House Speaker Renews Effort To Reduce Size Of Chamber

In the name of making the 203-member House more efficient, Speaker Sam Smith wants to reduce the chamber by about a fourth, to 153 members.


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Minds Change Over Pa. Same-Sex Marriage Ban 17 Years On

The amendment came to the floor of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives almost two decades ago as distracted lawmakers — wearied from a long day of floor debate and votes — got a jolt from the House speaker.


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Pennsylvania Senate Passes Bill To Shake Up Lawsuit Liability Rules

The House and Senate have now each passed bills with similar but slightly different language that would change the current state law that holds that a defendant deemed only 1-percent liable in a case involving multiple defendants could be required to pay 100-percent of the judgment.


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Distracted Driving Bill Moves To Pa. House After Passing In Senate

The ball appears to be in the state house’s court now that the senate has approved legislation that would address junior driver and distracted driver issues.



Pennsylvania House And Senate Show Support For Changes In Abortion Laws

Though the state senate will not take a final vote on the bill until next week, the senate Wednesday approved an amendment that will require clinics that provide abortions after nine weeks to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical facilities.



Pennsylvania Representative Cherelle Parker Charged With DUI

Police allege an officer observed her driving the wrong way along the 5800 block of Baynton Street, which is a one way thoroughfare in Germantown.



Corbett: Cutting Down On Welfare Fraud Could Provide Some Budget Relief

Pennsylvania House Republicans have rolled out their plan to crack down on fraud and abuse in the state’s welfare programs.



New Pennsylvania Sprinkler Law On Verge Of Repeal

A new law that requires sprinklers to be included in new homes built in Pennsylvania is on the verge of being repealed.



Pennsylvania Lawmakers To Vote On Lawsuit Liability Bill

The Pennsylvania House is expected to vote next week a bill that would make a major change to state lawsuit liability rules.


(Pennsylvania lawmakers hold hearing on Marcellus shale tax in King of Prussia, Pa.  Photo by Brad Segall)

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Marcellus Shale Drilling Tax

The issue of whether to impose a severance tax on companies looking to drill in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale was front and center on Wednesday at a Pennsylvania House hearing in Montgomery County.



Speaker Sam Smith Wants To Cut Pa. House By 50 Members

The speaker of the Pennsylvania House is preparing legislation aimed at reducing the size of the chamber.


(Front row: Turzai, 2nd from right, Dermody, 3rd from right) (Credit: Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio)

Political Civility? Heated Exchange In Pa. House Causes Stir

So much for civility in political debate, at least in the Pennsylvania House. A nasty partisan row erupted last week over a controversial resolution supported by Republican majority leaders. There could be more sparks on Monday if the resolution gets a vote on the House floor.