(credit: Rebecca Dryer- Minnerly)

Montgomery County Woman Reaches Out To Public For Help Finding Missing Heirlooms

Dryer-Minnerly says that she briefly took off her wedding band and another ring to put sunscreen on her children then may have forgotten to put the rings back on.


(credit: Montgomery County DA)

Investigation Into The Motive Behind Montgomery County Shooting Spree Continues

A day after the body of Bradley Stone was found in the woods of Pennsburg, those who knew him struggled to understand what drove him to take his life, and, authorities said, the lives of his ex-wife, and five of her family members.


(credit: Montgomery County DA)

Montco DA: Body Of Man Who Killed 6 Family Members Found In Woods With Self-Inflicted Cutting Wounds

Officials have confirmed the body of accused killer, Bradley William Stone, was found in the woods in New Hanover Township just after 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.


(credit: Upper Perk Police)

Police Searching For Missing Pennsburg Man

Police are looking for Mark Drenning, of Pennsburg, who has a history of depression and has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).



Montgomery County Condo Damaged In Fire

A fire in a Montgomery County condominium early Friday morning injured three people, including a teenager and firefighter.