3 On Your Side: Tax Preparers Warn Customers Of Big Changes That Could Affect Tax Returns This YearTax preparers across the country are warning customers of big changes that could affect tax returns this year and whether you owe or will get money back. 3 On Your Side's Jim Donovan explains that is has to do with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act last year.
Penalties Rise If You Don't Have Health Insurance In 2015
Keidel: The NFL, 'N' Word, And CensorshipThe NFL is considering a heavy tax on it, citing the fact that the gridiron is a workplace, and thus they can control the language and lexicon of its players. It's probably the most delicate and toxic topic we'll ever discuss in sports.
Stricter Sentences Coming For Straw PurchasersA Philadelphia man and drug addict was sentenced to at least two years in prison this week for buying guns for his drug dealer last year.
GETTING INSURED: Jim Donovan Tip #2The Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare, requires that beginning in 2014 Americans have health insurance. If you don't have health insurance you won't go to jail, but you could be hit with a fine or what is being called a “penalty”.
Philadelphia Parking Authority Plans To Boost Late Payment PenaltiesThe ever-vigilant Parking Authority plans to boost the late payment penalties on all parking tickets in Philadelphia.
New York Seeks To Delete Phony Online Reviews New York's attorney general is trying to dismantle what he calls a system of creating false online review for products and services.
Lawmaker Wants $60M Penn State Fine Kept In Pa. A senator proposed a law that would keep Penn State's $60 million NCAA fine within Pennsylvania.

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