Actor Jaylene Clark Owens performing during rehearsal. (Photo provided by PCCY)

New Play At Constitution Center Puts Education Funding Under The Lights

The production entitled “School Play” was born from the effects of Philadelphia school district budget cuts.


(File photo: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

New Pennsylvania Laws Guard Against Child Abuse

The 2013 Pennsylvania legislature has passed 10 new laws that increase the protection of our children..



PCCY Hosts 8th Annual Give Kids A Smile Day

Public Citizens for Children and Youth is hosting its 8th Annual “Give Kids A Smile Day.”


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Choosing The Right Superintendent

As Philadelphia Public Schools search for a new Superintendent, a recent report indicates most big city supers serve an average of just over 3 years.


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More, Not Less, Arts For Kids

Data from the National Endowment for the Arts shows fewer children are getting exposure to the arts, whether at school or elsewhere. The report in Education Week cites the decline for African American and Hispanic youth as “alarming.”


Pennsylvania's Education Governor

by KYW’s Dr. Marciene Mattleman While needs for education programs grow, times are hard. Yet Pennsylvania has put education at the forefront, and there has been pay-off.