Paying For College

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3 On Your Side: Paying For College

By Jim Donovan PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Planning for college and paying for it is a big undertaking for any family.  With the average college student graduating with nearly $30,000 of student loan debt, 3 On […]


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Report: 7 in 10 College Students Get Financial Aid

New data from the National Post Secondary Student Aid Study, shows 71% of undergraduates received some form of financial aid in the 2011-2012 academic year, up from four years before.


(The University of Pennsylvania campus.  File photo)

The Go-To Man For College Financial Aid And Scholarships

Mark Kantrowitz says he knows everything about financing college and he’s got more than enough references to prove it.


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Save 4 College

Save 4 College lets you access the current cost of more than 2,200 universities and develop a realistic savings plan that will help you afford them.


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Part 1: Why Is College So Expensive?

A college education has become the second-costliest purchase most families will make. What makes it so expensive?


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Part 2: Private vs. Public Colleges

The cost of college can vary widely between low-priced community colleges and elite private universities. What do students at each kind of school get for their tuition dollar?


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Part 3: Is College Worth It?

The cost of college is stressing parents and putting students into debt, but they continue to bear the burden because they’re convinced it is vital for the future.


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Part 4: How To Pay For College

If the price of milk had gone up at the same rate as the price of college tuition, you’d now be paying 15 dollars for a gallon of milk.