Paulsboro NJ

File photo: 2012's Paulsboro train derailment. (Credit: American Red Cross)

Weather Sensors Being Installed Near Site of Paulsboro, NJ Derailment and Spill

The plan is to have a better idea of atmospheric conditions in the event of another accident.


(Photo by David Madden)

US Sen. Menendez Says Paulsboro, NJ Accident Will Generate Legislative Action

Menendez (D-NJ) echoed NTSB findings that laid particular blame at the feet of Conrail for what happened.


(File photo by KYW's Ed Fischer)

NJ Regulators Evaluating Well-Water Contamination in Gloucester County

A few thousand people in Gloucester County are dealing with tap water tainted with a chemical used in manufacturing, and no one is quite sure just how dangerous it might be.


(The photo that caused the controversy.  Faces obscured by CBS Philly)

Paulsboro-Phillipsburg Wrestling Tourney Shelved After Photo Controversy

A wrestling rivalry between two New Jersey high schools is being put on hold, after an online photograph went viral.


paulsboro fire

Fire Breaks Out At Multi-Use Building In Paulsboro

A fire destroyed a business and several apartments Saturday morning in Paulsboro, Gloucester County.


(Conrail train engineer Mark Mather describes the moment when he realized that cars of his freight train were falling off the bridge into the Mantua Creek and spilling chemicals.  Image from NTSB feed)

Freight Train Crew Describes Leadup and Sudden Derailment in Paulsboro, NJ

Conrail employees told the NTSB they did everything by the book that day. A vinyl chloride leak forced evacuation of half the town.


Paulsboro train derailment scene (Credit: American Red Cross)

Lawsuit Says Conrail Endangered People Near 2012 Paulsboro, NJ Derailment-Spill

While this suit for damages (due to illness and for continued medical monitoring) includes some civilians, it also represents the grievances of some of the first responders who went toward the danger.


Emergency crews responded to the scene of a freight train that derailed in Paulsboro, New Jersey, and resulted in a chemical spill Friday, Nov. 30. (see full story) (Credit: CBS 3)

Contrail Decides Fate Of Bridge Damaged In Paulsboro Train Derailment

Contrail has decided to build a new movable bridge.


Paulsboro train derailment scene (Credit: American Red Cross)

Significant Progress Being Made In Freight Train Derailment Cleanup

Two weeks after the Conrail freight train accident and chemical spill in Paulsboro the Coast Guard reports significant progress in cleaning things up.


(Emergency response and vapor supression equipment is staged at the detailment site.  Photo provided)

Number of Plaintiffs Suing Conrail Over Paulsboro, NJ Derailment Nears 100

As the cleanup from the Conrail freight train derailment in Paulsboro, NJ continues, people are lining up to sue the rail carrier over the leak of vinyl chloride.


Cleanup Efforts

Derailment and Spill Cleanup Continues, Slowly, in Paulsboro, N.J.

In audio provided by the US Coast Guard, crews could be heard working to clear collapsed bridge pilings and debris that will allow the remaining tankers in the Mantua Creek to be offloaded and removed.


(Donna Ricotta and her husband, Doug, at their bakery in Paulsboro, NJ.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

Residents Hope For Answers at Tonight’s Derailment Town Meeting in Paulsboro, NJ

Authorities still can’t give an estimate of how long the cleanup will take, and that’s one of the issues likely to come up at a community meeting scheduled for Wednesday night.



Rep. Rob Andrews Calls For Tighter Regulation Of Rail Bridge Inspections

In the wake of the Paulsboro train derailment, South Jersey Congressman Rob Andrews is suggesting the federal government may need to take a more direct role in rail-bridge safety.


file photo of Paulsboro train derailment scene (Credit: American Red Cross)

Additional Evacuations Ordered In Paulsboro Following Train Derailment

More New Jersey residents were ordered Tuesday to leave their homes because of air contamination from a train derailment last week that leaked a hazardous gas.


Emergency crews responded to the scene of a freight train that derailed in Paulsboro, New Jersey, and resulted in a chemical spill Friday, Nov. 30. (see full story) (Credit: CBS 3)

Rep. Rob Andrews Calls For Quicker Cleanup of Paulsboro Train Wreck Chemicals

Speaking on a conference call on Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Andrews (D-NJ) expressed frustration at the pace of the cleanup of last Friday’s derailment.